Introducing the 'I am eau so fresh' perfume collection. An assortment of fresh blends created in celebration of our ever evolving and growing selves. Each scent represents a daily affirmation of who we allow ourselves to be day by day.

    Makenna tip: use these self-affirmations to encourage positivity about the important things in your life. 

    • I am kind to myself and others
    • I am free to choose how I experience my experiences. I am free from anything that is not positive. 
    • I am strong, because I believe in the power of my will. 
    • I am unique and irreplaceable. 

    Who do I choose to be today?

    • Kind: passion fruit vanilla, lavender rose and ylang-ylang. A sweet and citric fruity fragrance that represents that friendly, gentle and humble part of our being. 
    • Free: neroli camellia, pomegranate and plum. A floral fragrance that sets the spirit free and gives it courage to make daily choices and take risks. 
    • Strong: bergamot pepper, pachuli and amber. A spicy and citric scent that gives that extra impulse necessary to make bold choices and make our dreams a reality. Perfect for both him and her!
    • Unique: peony grapefruit, apple musk and vanilla. A citric and florar fragrance meant to highlight that unique. unrepeatable, and authentic side of anyone who wears this scent. 


    Alcohol Denat, Fragancia, y Agua Purificada 

    63 ml.


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