Honey Green Tea

Hand Poured Soy Candle


Hand Poured Soy Candle Honey Green Tea 16oz.

Light up our candles to brighten up your spaces and soothe your senses. A combination of beautiful, minimalist design and captivating but subtle aromas.

All our candles are hand-made with natural soy wax, making them non-toxic and safe for the environment. We've also added 3 wicks to every candle to ensure it burns evenly and smoothly every time you light it. 

Burn time: up to 70 hours

The collection includes 5 enchanting aromas all packed in a reusable and minimalist glass jar with a sleek black lid you can use to cover it when it's not being used or to display your candle on top. 

Honey Green Tea: A perfectly balanced combination of sweet and fresh will make your space feel soothing and purifying. 

How to use:

  • The first time you light your candle, allow it to burn until the wax is evenly melted, this may take several hours but will help your candle burn more evenly every time you light it. 
  • Don´t forget to trim the wick before each use to ensure the flame is not to potent. 
  • Never leave your candle unsupervised and make sure to place it on a heat safe surface.

16 oz.


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