Poo Mist


Got a secret? We can keep it, we swear we won’t tell... Use our Poo mist when you need to and cover the smell.

Just spray the bowl before you go and no one will know!

How to use:

  • Spray into your toilet bowl 3-4 times right before you go.
  • Do your business and relax. No one needs to know what you were up to!
  • Flush the toilet and leave the bathroom smelling better than it did before. No, we’re not joking, it actually works!
  • Remember to wash your hands with your Makenna hand soap when you’re done.

Fun fact: our formula doesn't just cover bad smells, it also sanitizes and soothes. 


Alcohol Denat, Agua Purificada, Fragancia, Propilenglicol, PEG 40 Aceite de castor Hidrogenado 

4 fl oz.


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